In order to reduce our ecological footprint and to maximise the use of our available resources, Atelier Sabra tries to find creative ways to use all of the fabric scraps, instead of throwing them away.

I keep all the cut-outs, which visually shows me the impact of my business on waste, and I also educate myself on possible products that I can make using these fabrics.

If you have a genius idea with fabric scraps, please do contact me !

Washable make-up remover.

One size is organic coton and the other is Holland wax.

Pack of 5 separate make-up removers.

The make-up removers are made from fabrics that are recuperated from scraps of Atelier Sabra's creation on one side, and from organic coton on the other side.

Patterns can vary depending on the available fabric.
Please contact us after you order to receive the available designs and choose, of you wish so.