I am Najois Sabra and Atelier Sabra is my little creation where I create fashion pieces and accessories.

I like to refer to myself as a wanderer and creator.


During a heartbreak, I discovered sewing and pattern making as a fantastic distraction. I started on my own first and later followed classes in Haute Couture with an elderly lady in her little studio.


Little did I know that 10 years later I would launch my own label.Story telling about my wanders and aesthetic observations, the cultural, psychological and sociological impact of clothing. 


The women in my family have all had an immense impact on my appreciation of culture and aesthetics. Especially for garments and the impact they can have on the mood. I like to  transfer this little magic to my audience and see how they interpret and combine my work. 


My mission is to bring interesting fabrics from all over the world, as well as vintage fabrics, and mix them in contemporary and simple cuts, in order for us all to enjoy the heritage of humanity. I try to tell their story in order for us to find similarities and the beauty of the world.